”You must complete your work, Carl.”

(Paul Mask to Carl)

Paul Mask is the main antagonist of the Llamas with Hats series. He is a replacement for Paul after he left in Llamas with Hats 6. Carl crafts the Paul mask after Paul leaves in "Llamas with Hats 6." The Paul mask appears from "Llamas with Hats 6" to "Llamas with Hats 12". The Paul mask also takes on three forms throughout those videos: Sheep Paul, Basic Mask, and Possessed Mask. The Paul mask is a near perfect replica of the original Paul's face, lacking only in the grump category. In "Llamas with Hats 8," Carl tries to win Paul's friendship back, citing the Paul mask isn't grump enough and he missed Paul's grumpy face.

Personality Edit

Paul Mask is known to be pushy about Carl "completing his work". Unlike his other self, Paul, he enjoys it when Carl murders someone or cause chaos.

Appearances Edit

Llamas with Hats 7 (Sheep Paul only)

Llamas with Hats 8 (Basic Mask only)

Llamas with Hats 9

Llamas with Hats 10

Llamas with Hats 11 (turned antagonist)

Llamas with Hats 12 (revealed to be hallucination)

Sheep Paul Edit


For the full Sheep Paul article click here.

Basic Mask Edit


The basic masks is different from Sheep Paul and the possessed mask in that it requires Carl to speak for it. The basic mask appears in "Llamas with Hats 8," and in "Llamas with Hats 9" before it turns into the possessed mask. The basic mask is the only version of Paul that ever appears on the right side of the screen facing left, and this only occurs in "Llamas with Hats 8."

Possessed Mask Edit


The possessed mask appears in "Llamas with Hats 9" to "Llamas with Hats 12" It has glowing red eyes, can speak for itself in a demonic version of Paul's voice, and floats in the air. Whether it is being possessed by a demonic spirit, controlled by the original Paul, or a figment of Carl's imagination was originally unknown. This is the only version of Paul that actually supports Carl's work. It was later revealed in "Llamas with Hats 12" to be a figment of Carl's imagination as a result of the psychological trauma Carl experienced from Paul leaving.