Llamas with Hats 7
Llamas with Hats 7-0

Llamas with Hats 7-0

Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date November 22, 2014
Written by Jason Steele
Directed by Jason Steele
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Llamas with Hats 7 is the seventh episode of the Llamas with Hats series.


This video takes place in a room of Carl's house. It begins with Sheep Paul speaking gibberish and Carl pretending he doesn't know what Sheep Paul is referring too. Then Carl explains what the hand chair made from the faces of city council members is for. Carl offers to sew the faces back on to the city council members that are still floating in his blood canal after Sheep Paul continues to complain about it. Carl then becomes offended when Sheep Paul sits and then lays down. After Carl demands he stands up, Sheep Paul stands up on just his front legs and asks if he can take the mask off, but Carl says no because he is planning on throwing him into his blood canal.

Notable QuotesEdit

"Of course I had to use faces, anything else would be disrespecting the art." -Carl

"It's called modernism, only, I've made it more modern by using face parts of city council members." -Carl

"If you paid any attention to our city charter meetings, you would see it wasn't an over reaction." -Carl

"No you cannot take off the mask, it has to look right when I throw you in the blood canal." -Carl

"Rah Rah Rah Rah Raaaaah" -Sheep Paul

Deaths Edit

  • Sheep Paul: Thrown in the blood canal by Carl due to Sheep Paul disobeying him.
  • City Council Members: All killed by Carl for unknown reasons at a city charter meeting.

Published Edit

November 22, 2014

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