Llamas with Hats 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date December 21, 2009
Written by Jason Steele
Directed by Jason Steele
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Llamas with Hats: Cruise Catastrophe (chronologically)

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Llamas with Hats 2 is the second episode of the Llamas with Hats series.

Overview Edit

This video takes place on a lifeboat in front of a sinking cruise ship. It begins with Paul asking "Carl! What on earth was all that?" Again, Carl claims ignorance as Paul explains what he had done. This includes sinking the cruise ship, firing a harpoon into the captain's face, headbutting children off the side of the ship, and making out with the ice sculptures. At this point Paul questions Carl about why the lifeboat is "red and sticky." Carl replies with a few outrageous answers, including boat nectar, before admitting that it is the lovely elderly couple from 2B and that he did it because they were taking all the crescent rolls. Paul then notices there aren't any other lifeboats and Carl explains the rest are probably at the bottom of the ocean because he bit lots of holes in them. Paul then says that he is just terrible today. Carl shushes him and asks if he can hear something. He says it is the sound of forgiveness
Llamas with Hats 2

Llamas with Hats 2

Notable Quotes Edit

"You sunk an entire cruise ship, Carl." -Paul "Are you sure that was me? I would think I would remember something like that" -Carl

"And then you started making out with the ice sculptures." -Paul "Well thank God that the children weren't on board to see it." -Carl

"Where are the other lifeboats, Carl?" -Paul "Looking at the trajectory of the moon and the sun... Probably at the bottom of the ocean. I bit lots of holes in them." -Carl

"I have a problem, I have a serious problem." -Carl "You are just terrible today." -Paul

"Shhh! Do you hear that?...That's the sound of forgiveness." -Carl "That's the sound of people drowning, Carl." -Paul "That is what forgiveness sounds like, screaming and then silence." -Carl

Deaths Edit

Lovely Elderly Couple from 2B: Killed by Carl for taking all the Crescent Rolls.

Many people and children: Killed by Carl by sinking and drowning them for unknown reasons.

Captain: Killed by Carl with a harpoon for unknown reasons. (Presumably so that the ship would sink.)

Published Edit

December 21, 2009

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