Hotel Bartender
Vital statistics
Position Hotel Bartender
Age Unknown
Status Unknown (presumed dead)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
The Hotel Bartender is a character in Llamas with Hats. The Hotel Bartender was swallowed whole by Carl by unhinging his jaw like a snake. He is not confirmed dead after he was eaten by Carl as he was still alive and was kicking in Llamas with Hats 3.

Possible Deaths (presumed; not confirmed) Edit

If The Hotel Bartender died in the series, these are his possible presumed deaths.

*Starvation*: If the Hotel Bartender was still inside Carl's body before he committed suicide in Llamas with Hats 12, he could have died of starvation, as he was stuck in Carl's body with nothing to eat, possibly besides human meat to survive.

*Execution*: If the Hotel Bartender survived in Carl's body, Carl could have coughed up the bartender and possibly killed him.

*Drowning*: If The Hotel Bartender survived being in Carl's body, it's likely he drowned after Carl commits suicide in Llamas with Hats 12.

Appearances Edit

Llamas with Hats 3 (foot only)